Personal Housekeeping Inc. was established in 1991 with the purpose of being the top level cleaning and janitorial services to our business and residential neighbors in Omaha NE. We have since earned a reputation for our thoroughness and attention to the smallest detail. And our services fees are among the lowest in the industry.

When we first started Personal Housekeeping Inc. as a family operated business, we wanted to share that feeling of family. Our philosophy has always been to treat others as you would want to be treated, so we built our business on the simple idea of doing a good day’s work for a fair fee.

The simple plan has benefited us with an ever-growing number of satisfied customers, many of whom have been with us and used our serviced for years. They know that whether they need on going maid service, a house cleaning to put the home on the real estate market, or janitorial services for their office or industrial plant, they can count on our reliable staff to get it done to their exacting specifications.

Many of our newest clients come to is this way, through referrals from loyal customers who recognize our ability to fine tune our services to their needs. When you contact us, we will meet with you to go over just what sort of cleaning services will fit your situation and provide you with a completely transparent estimate. That way, you can be assured you will never be paying for any work you had not already authorized.

Personal Housekeeping Inc. is a green company and we are glad to use eco-friendly products that will reduce any harmful chemical residue. Our products and solutions are always top drawer and tested for effectiveness and safety.

We at Personal Housekeeping Inc. personally review all of our staff members to make sure they will fit with our philosophy of honesty and hard work. They know to do their work, they must enter your personal space. So they will make every effort to preserve your privacy even as they create a pristine environment for you.

Contact the cleaning professional that Omaha know and trusts at Personal Housekeeping Inc. for an initial consultation.

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